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Welcome to EO-Quality

EO-Quality is an established equality and diversity training and inclusion consultants company, with extensive experience across private, public and voluntary/community sectors.

Our reputation is built on integrity, highly tailored services, practical and realistic solutions, value for money and the ability to deliver results.
Thank you for visiting our site. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our diversity consultants to discuss your organisation's needs for equality and diversity training, or for further information contact one of our diversity and inclusion consultants.

Our clients are currently looking for support with these hot topics:

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion training.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Equality Analysis.
  • Diversity in procurement and supplier diversity.

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Latest news

Diversity Big Difference Programme

EO-Quality is offering exciting new in-house training courses for diversity change agents as part of the Diversity Big Difference programme. The aim is to drive sustainable progress on equality and diversity within organisations by providing support and development to the people who contribute to, or who are responsible for this agenda at different levels.

Training for diversity change agents

The Big Difference programme consists of two separate courses, targeted at different roles: Delivering Diversity – for networks of diversity champions, advocates or representatives. Cascading Diversity – for employees who have diversity training as part of their brief.

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